Programming Learning Tutorial – Think as a programmer

Think as a programmer

Programming Learning Tutorial - Think as a programmer

According to my university experiences, Most propels think and say that learning of computer science is difficult one. Therefore, I am trying to give same small help for the peoples who has same difficultly of learning programming.

Basically, I am not trying to explain about programming languages like C, Java, C#, C++ etc.

Here, I am mostly trying to explain what the way of thinking for making program than explaining the programming theory.

In programming, writing a program is not a difficult thing. The most difficult thing in programming is understanding how to write a program ( Think as a programmer). Therefore, Now We are trying to learn thinking way as a programmer.

Most of people who are trying to learn programming is thinking about learning programming is a learning programming language. But, It is easy to learn and understand any programming language when learning programming concept commonly. Unfortunately, Most of people did not understand this thing.

Here, I am trying to teach you to train to think as a programmer, Then you can understand any of programming language easily.

So, The next question is how to run the my teaching materials and what programming languages suitable for that. Here, I am teaching you to the way of teaching my university.

According to that, My example are give by the C programming language. If you need I give you by Java programming language also.

Remember, By this example you not need to learn C or Java. Here, You need to learn how to think as a programmer.

So, I need to tall something before beginning this tutorial. My ultimate object of giving this tutorial is giving same help the persons who are willing to beginning programming.

Therefore, If you have any doubt or unclear thing about this tutorial, please ask it as a comment. Then I can help and explain feather for you.

Now we can begin this tutorial. First of all, need to learn how to make your PC for running C program. There are many software IDE we can use for that. But, Here I used Code Block IDE for this tutorial.

By using following link you can download and install Code Block IDE for your PC.

Download Code Block IDE

Now you can run C Programs in your personal PC computer.

So, Keep with our tutorial continuously.

We can meet in next tutorial.

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