Story | Sex parody

Charlie Brown lay on his bed in his room playing with
his little dick and thinking about the pretty little
red-haired girl. She was so cute and he was sure he was
in love with her.

He wanted her so badly and she was all he ever thought
about. He remembered the first time he saw her on the
way to school. She had been in front of him some twenty
feet and her little ass was making her pretty green
dress swing from side to side, high enough so that
every once in a while he got a glimpse of her white
panties stretched over her cute ass.

He pounded his cock harder as he thought of her little
ass and how he’d like to stick his tongue and maybe his
cock into it. Just as he was about to spew out cum all
over his belly his little sister burst into the room.
She was stark naked and dripping wet. She was obviously
upset about something because she didn’t even notice
that he was naked too and had his hand around his
little boner.

‘Big brother!’ she cried. ‘Come quick, the bathtub is
overflowing and I can’t shut off the water.’

‘Rats,’ he said, mostly to himself, as he got up,
letting his cum recede back into the recesses of his

He pulled up his pants and followed Sally into the
bathroom, noticing how cute her little ass was. ‘Rats,’
he thought, ‘too bad she’s my sister, otherwise I’d
fuck her right now.’

There was indeed water all over the bathroom floor and
the valve was indeed stuck. After a great deal of
grunting and groaning he managed to shut off the flow
from the tap.

‘Grab a mop, sis, and let’s get this mess cleaned up
before mom gets home.’

‘Gee, big brother,’ said Sally, ‘I never noticed that
your thingy was that big before.’

‘Huh? Uh, what are you talking about?’ So she had

‘Your boy-thingy,’ she said, ‘you were playing with

‘Oh, yeah, that,’ he said lamely and then to himself,
‘Let’s just drop it, o.k. sis?’.

‘Let me see it again,’ she wouldn’t let it lie.

He looked at the naked little girl. She was his little
sister, but she was really cute. Her blond hair much
softer and fuller than his own stringy mop, her blue
eyes always wide and curious. He especially liked her
pert little ass. The cheeks were firm, small, tight,
soft and smooth as glass. He wanted to spread them and
look at her tight little anal pucker. And her mouth
with its full lips, just right to fit around his cock,
the mouth itself plenty large to accommodate his boner.
He was hard again.

‘Well, o.k., but you’ve got to let me have a closer
look at you too.’

He dropped his pants and let his little erection flop

‘You can touch it if you want,’ said Charlie Brown.

Sally seemed not to hear this, but reached out and put
her hands around his cock and looked at it as though
she were inspecting a fruit at the market. Then she
surprised him by putting her soft lips around the head.
Charlie Brown smiled as his little sister started to
suck on his little boner, toying with his little balls
with one hand.

‘Wow, sis,’ he said, ‘that feels great. Where’d you
learn that?’

‘Frmph mflimfufs,’ she responded, his cock completely
inside her hot little mouth.

‘LINUS!?’ Charlie Brown shouted, ‘Linus showed you


He was stunned. He and Linus had talked about sex
before, but he didn’t realize that Linus was
active…that is…with his sister. Wow! He felt his
little balls pull up against the base of his prick as
his cum began its journey into the little shaft to
explode into his sister’s mouth. He wanted to see it

‘Pull it out, sis,’ he told her, ‘just jack me off and
hold the end up to your open mouth.’

She pulled it out just in time for him to see the first
of four little boy-spurts fire into Sally’s mouth. She
swallowed, letting him see his semen slither down her
throat. The next three shots hit the roof of her mouth
and followed the first shot into her belly. When he was
done she put his prick back between her hot lips and
milked the last few drops from him.

‘You give good head, sis.’ He felt the compliment was
in order since he might want another blowjob from her

‘O.k., big brother, now it’s your turn,’ she told him,
‘lie down and I’ll sit on your face and pee in your

‘Yuck,’ he said, ‘no way.’

‘That’s what Linus does and you have to do it too or
I’ll never suck you again.’

‘Rats,’ he thought, ‘my little sister’s a
blackmailer…oh, well, if Linus can take it, so can

He lay down on the bathroom floor and Sally squatted on
his face, placing her little hairless pussy right over
his mouth.

‘Open wide, here it comes,’ she warned him.

Just in time, Charlie Brown opened his mouth and a
strong stream of golden pee from his little sister’s
cunt hit his tongue. At first the strong taste bothered
him, but after the first swallow it tasted pretty good
to him. She had a full bladder and her piss seemed
never to stop. The golden flow filled and refilled his
mouth as he struggled to keep up. Finally, it stopped
and he heaved a sigh of relief as he could catch his
breath again.

‘Lick me clean, big brother.’

‘She sure is bossy,’ thought Charlie Brown as he
extended his tongue and licked Sally’s little pussy
from end to end and back again, finding here and there
a drop of pee that clung to her soft skin. Her twat
began to taste good to him and he kept licking her,
letting his tongue slip slightly more inside of her at
every pass. Finally, he thrust his whole tongue into
her pussy, licking the inner walls of her little tube.
It was very wet and there seemed to be some sort of
liquid coming from it that didn’t taste like piss.

He liked it and kept licking as the little girl
squirmed all around, rubbing her pussy around his face.
He had trouble keeping his tongue inside of her, she
moved around so much. Finally, she cried out and fell
forward on top of him, putting her mouth back over his
half-hard cock. She sucked and nearly bit his slowly
rising boner as she filled his unsuspecting mouth with
her juices. As her orgasm died down, he managed to fire
two rather weak shots of his sperm into her little

‘That was great, sis,’ he panted, licking her cum from
his lips, ‘we’ll have to do this again.’

‘Yeah,’ she agreed, gasping for air, ‘yeah.’

They were dripping wet, having laid in the bath water
that Sally had run onto the floor, but they didn’t

‘Better get that mop, Sally, I’ll help you clean up
here,’ he said, ‘guess we both need a bath now.’


Lucy watched her little brother as he sat on the floor,
his thumb in his mouth and rubbing ‘that stupid
blanket’ against his cheek. Suddenly, from out of
nowhere Snoopy flew by Linus, grabbed the blanket out
of his hand and scampered away with it. Lucy roared
with laughter as her little brother tumbled around on
the floor. She fell backward and rolled on the floor,
holding her stomach, her skinny legs up in the air, her
little white panties clearly visible to the approaching

The dog eyed the crotch in front of him, dropped the
blanket and sniffed. ‘Whoa!’ he thought, ‘pussy smell.’
He stuck his wet nose deeper into her crotch, poking
into the little slit beneath the panties. Lucy,
suddenly aware that something was happening between her
legs, looked down her body to see Snoopy’s head there.

‘Yaaach! Dog lips,’ she cried, ‘I’m being touched by
dog lips.’

But it felt kind of good, so she didn’t stop him.
Snoopy continued his exploration of her crotch, but was
unable to get past the underpants. Lucy reached down
and pulled her panties to one side, exposing her slit
to the little dog. Snoopy immediately extended his long
tongue and gave her pussy a long, slurping lick. Lucy
almost fainted, it felt so good. She pushed him aside
and quickly pulled her panties completly off.

The dog attacked her twat with his tongue, not caring
where it went. He was quite hot already, his little red
prick already poking out of its sheath. Lucy’s pussy
was leaking juices that Snoopy lapped up greedily as
his tongue penetrated the hole. He licked the crack of
her ass, grazing the puckered little anus that tasted
very good to him.

He tried to mount the little girl, but in her position
he was unable to get his little dog cock into her
vagina. Then he saw her open mouth. He jumped on top of
her little body and shoved his dick toward the hole.
When Lucy felt his prick in her mouth she instinctively
closed her lips over it and let the dog fuck it. She
tasted the saltiness of his cum already squirting from
the little dick.

She sucked and sucked, unable to get enough of the
tasty substance coming from his cock. She put her hand
in her crotch and jammed a finger into her pussy. It
was dripping wet, partly from dog saliva, partly from
her own cum. She needed him in there.

‘Snoopy,’ she managed to pull her mouth off his prick
and blurt out, ‘fuck my pussy, my pussy, not my mouth.’

She pushed the dog off her and rolled over onto her
hands and knees and stuck her ass high into the air.
Snoopy, not a stupid dog, got the message immediately
and jumped onto Lucy’s back aiming his erection at her
cunt. She reached back with her hand and guided his
little cock into her pussy. It slipped in easily and
the dog began to hump her wildly.

She felt her little cherry pop as he pushed past it and
then she felt the spurts of his semen shoot into her
immature uterus. It felt so good to have this hot dog
cock moving in and out of her no longer virginal cunt,
his little balls slapping against her hairless pubis.

She ooh’ed and aah’ed as she felt herself cumming
against his wild thrusts into her little body. His
little prick had suddenly gotten very large inside her
canal and felt very tight. She was having a continuous
orgasm as his balls slapped her little clitty, giving
her thrill after thrill.

She finally collapsed onto her stomach, the prick still
inside her pussy, Snoopy unable to retract it. He, too,
collapsed onto his haunches, his cock locked inside her
twat, and licked his own shaft, his balls, and her
pussy, giving her still further little girl orgasms.

Linus came over to get his blanket and saw his sister
and Snoopy locked together, lying on the floor panting.
He pulled down his pants and sat down in front of Lucy.

‘Lucy,’ he said, ‘suck my cock.’

‘Yuch,’ said Lucy, ‘I’m not going to suck my own
brother’s cock.’

‘Then I’ll tell everybody that you’ve been fucking

She pulled his little boner into her mouth and sucked
him quickly to climax. His boy-cum splashed into her
mouth and, although she actually thought it was rather
nice tasting, she made a pretense to be gagging on it.
There wasn’t much cum, but enough to make Linus happy
and give Lucy a good idea of what he tasted like. She
finished her blowjob and let his prick slip from
between her lips.

‘There,’ she said, ‘are you happy now?’

‘I sure am, sis,’ he answered, ‘you give nice head and
I’ll be wanting more later. Maybe your pussy and
asshole too.’

He pulled on his pants, picked up his blanket and
wandered off to his room to ponder the experience.

Snoopy had finally managed to pull his cock from Lucy’s
little cunt and was licking the residue of dog cum and
pussy juice from her crotch. She was enjoying the
licking when she realized that it was almost time for
her parents to come home. She pushed Snoopy away and
pulled on her underpants. ‘Maybe the other boys don’t
like me, but I’ll always have a lover now,’ she


Linus and Charlie Brown walked around the Christmas
tree lot looking for that perfect tree. There were lots
of beautiful, perfectly shaped trees on this lot, but
they were all too expensive. They only had three
dollars and thirty cents and what kind of a tree could
you get with that?

They were at the far end of the lot where the cheaper
trees were and no one else was around when Linus asked
Charlie Brown what seemed to him to be a very strange

‘Have you ever fucked a girl, Charlie Brown?’

‘Uh, no,’ he answered. He knew that Linus had drunk
Sally’s pee, but he didn’t know that he might have
fucked her too. ‘Have you?’

‘Well, sort of,’ said Linus.

They walked a little further until they came to the
fence at the end of the lot. There, standing all alone
in the corner, stood the smallest, ugliest, most mis-
shapen tree either one of them had ever seen. The price
on the tag said $3.00.

‘It’s perfect,’ exclaimed Charlie Brown, ‘I’ll take

Linus looked at his friend as though he was crazy, but
he was used to Charlie Brown’s odd behavior so he let
it slide and said nothing. Charlie Brown picked up the
tree, knocking loose several needles in the process,
and carried it to the checkstand. He laid his money on
the counter, got his change and they left, carrying the
sad little tree.

When they got to Charlie Brown’s house they took the
tree inside, set it in a stand, hung a few lights and
some tinsel on it, a few ornaments and a star. Then
they stood back to admire it. It was rather pretty,
actually, in an odd sort of way. Linus had counted the
remaining pine needles, forty-seven in all (he had
inadverdently knocked off two while counting). They
smiled at their work and Linus returned to the subject
of conversation he had begun at the tree lot.

‘About girls, Charlie Brown,’ he began, ‘how many have
you ever seen naked, not counting sisters?’

‘Rats!’ thought Charlie Brown, ‘he knows about me and
my sister.’ ‘Uh, about three, I think,’ he lied.

‘Is that all?’ said Linus incredulously.

‘All? How many have you seen?’

‘Well, not counting Lucy,’ his tone of voice wasn’t
bragging, ‘eight.’


‘Peppermint Patty and Marcie, they’re lesbians, you
know, Sally, and five girls from school.’

Charlie Brown couldn’t believe it. Linus was telling
him that he had seen Charlie Brown’s sister naked, but
he really wanted to know about the girls from school.
‘Which girls from school?’ he asked, ignoring for the
moment his sister’s name.

Linus named four girls from their school, but he
refused to name the fifth one. ‘I can’t tell you her
name, but she’s the prettiest of the lot.’

‘Did you do anything with any of them?’ asked Charlie,
getting quite interested.

‘All of them,’ answered Linus.

Charlie Brown scratches his head, his curiosity really
aroused now. ‘What did you do?’

‘Well, with Peppermint Patty and Marcie,’ began Linus,
‘I did about everything there is to do. I found them
kissing and feeling each other in Peppermint Patty’s
bedroom when I was taking some books over to her house
one day. I told them that I’d tell everybody if they
didn’t let me join them. As soon as I got my pants down
Peppermint Patty starts to suck my cock and she tells
Marcie to lick my asshole. After a little of that we
got laid down together, my prick still in her mouth,
and I told Marcie to sit on my face.

‘She really has a great tasting pussy. I licked her
little twat and she came a lot and just as I came into
Peppermint Patty’s mouth she showered my mouth with
little girl cum. Then Peppermint Patty with her mouth
full of my cum stands up and kisses Marcie on the
mouth, letting most of my cum drool into Marcie’s
mouth. The two girls kissed each other and rolled down
on the floor and began to lick and suck each other’s
pussies and assholes. I got hard all over again just
watching these two horny girls.’

‘With the two girls doing sixty-nine on the floor I saw
my opportunity. Marcie’s ass was stuck up in the air
with her pink little anus totally exposed. I knelt
behind her, right over Peppermint Patty’s face, and
poked my little boner at her asshole. It wouldn’t go in
so I bent over and licked the little kid’s pucker until
it was good and juicy.

‘Then I tried again and my cock slowly slipped into
Marcie’s lubricated anus. She let out a yelp as she
felt me opening up her sphincter and push my cock into
her rectum, but then she returned to sucking on
Peppermint Patty’s pussy. I humped little Marcie’s
bunghole until I felt I was about to cum again. I
pulled my dick out of her and ran around to the front
of her and poked my dick at her lips. She opened her
mouth and I shot another load of semen into it. Then I
gave my prick to Peppermint Patty to finish off.’

‘Wow,’ said Charlie Brown, feeling his own little dick
getting hard. ‘What happened next?’

‘I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum again,’ continued
Linus, ‘so I just laid there on the floor resting,
Peppermint Patty lying next to me. Suddenly, Marcie got
up and straddles both of us, her legs wide apart, her
little cunt way open. Then she started to pee all over
us. I didn’t know what to do, but Peppermint Patty
opened up her mouth and started to drink Marcie’s piss,
at least as much as she could catch. Well, then so did
I. After she finished she sat down on Peppermint
Patty’s face to get wiped off by her tongue.

‘Then she laid down on the other side of me and
Peppermint Patty got up and then she pissed all over
Marcie and me. This was getting to be fun. When she
finished she lowered her hairless twat to me and lets
me lick her clean. She actually tasted pretty good.
Then she laid down next to Marcie and told me to piss
on them. I got up, held my dick in my hand and let go a
shower of piss all over their pussies, their little
tits, their faces, hair and in their mouths. Then they
took turns licking my cock clean of piss. It was pretty
good fun.’

Charlie Brown couldn’t believe his ears. His friend had
been doing the same thing he, himself, had been doing,
only with more girls.

‘Wow, Linus,’ said Charlie Brown, ‘you’ve done it all,
haven’t you?’

‘Yeah, pretty much,’ said Linus, ‘everything except one

‘What’s that?’ asked Charlie Brown.

‘Suck cock,’ blurted out Linus before he had thought
better about it.

‘Well, I…’ started Charlie Brown, but then couldn’t

‘Do you want me to suck yours?’ asked Linus, ‘You’re my
best friend.’

‘Sure, if you want to,’ said Charlie Brown, his prick
hard as a rock now.

Linus got onto his knees in front of Charlie Brown and
pulled down Charlie Brown’s pants. His hard little boy-
prick fell out and Linus began to suck hard on it. His
lips pulling on the tender skin stimulated Charlie
Brown to his toes. Linus put his hand between Charlie
Brown’s legs and fingered his little brown ass pucker.
Charlie Brown had never thought about his asshole as a
sexual area, but Linus’s finger there felt great.

Suddenly, Linus pushed the finger into Charlie Brown’s
asshole and Charlie Brown sucked in his breath at this
new feeling. Linus worked the finger in and out,
twisted it around giving Charlie Brown sensations he
had never felt before. He blew a load of semen into his
friend’s sucking mouth, coating the inside of Linus’s
cheek with a layer of cum. Linus kept sucking his cock
until every drop of cum was out of him.

‘Well,’ said Charlie Brown, ‘now you’ve done it all
including sucked a cock.’

‘Don’t tell anyone, o.k?’ said Linus, ‘I wouldn’t want
my slut sister to find out.’

‘Don’t worry, friend, I won’t tell. But tell me just
one thing before you have to go,’ said Charlie Brown,
‘is one of the girls from school the red-haired girl?’

‘No.’ Charlie Brown heaved a sigh of relief. ‘I tried
to get her,’ continued Linus, ‘but she said she was
saving herself for you.’

Charlie Brown fainted dead away.


Schroeder was concentrating on playing Christmas carols
on the piano, he didn’t pay attention to what Lucy was
doing. He knew she was crazy about him, but he didn’t
have time for such frivolity, he had music. Suddenly,
he felt a stirring between his legs and looked down to
see a pair of hands trying to undo the zipper on his

‘Lucy,’ he cried when he saw her face between his legs
under the piano, ‘what are you doing?’

Lucy shushed him. ‘Shh, just keep playing. I’ll help
you improve your music.’

He returned to playing Hark The Herald Angels Sing as
Lucy got his zipper undone and reached her hand inside
to pull out his little boy-cock. She pulled his penis
out through the opening in his pants and slipped her
lips over the head. Schroeder hit a couple of wrong
notes and his eyes widened as he felt the moist warmth
of Lucy’s mouth on the head of his cock. It got very
hard, something he hadn’t experienced before and he
would have thought there was something wrong except if
felt so good.

She took more of his prick into her mouth and started
to suck it and squeeze it with her lips, her tongue and
her cheeks. She undid his belt and pulled his pants
down as far as she could get them with him sitting on
the piano bench. Then she reached into his crotch and
squeezed his little testicles, all the while sucking
the little cock deep in her mouth. She kept squeezing
his balls as she sucked the little cockhead into her
throat and Schroeder thought he would faint from the
pleasure he was experiencing.

All the other kids were singing the carol and didn’t
notice that Schroeder was bouncing up and down on the
piano bench as he pumped several spurts of his cum into
Lucy’s sucking mouth. She sucked and sucked on his
little prick until no more semen came from it and it
began to grow soft inside her mouth. She let it slip
from between her lips and smiled broadly at Schroeder,
panting heavily as he tried to finish the carol.

She crawled out from under the piano and, licking a
small streak of cum from the corner of her mouth looked
around the room at the other kids. Marcie was holding
Peppermint Patty’s hand and looking up at her in
apparent admiration. They were both singing, but it was
obvious that Peppermint Patty didn’t know the words.

On the other side of Marcie stood Pigpen, a small cloud
of dust swirling about his feet. He was looking
intently at Charlie Brown’s little sister. He had a
real crush on her and most of the time she wouldn’t
give him the time of day, but it was Christmas and a
time to be nice. So Sally walked over to him and took
his hand as they sang the last chorus.

He blushed, probably from head to foot, and he kind of
crossed his legs trying to hide his erection. Sally had
already noticed it though, and knew right then what she
would be doing when the party ended. She felt her
panties slowly getting wet. ‘He sure needs a bath,’ she
thought, ‘maybe I can give him one… in pee maybe.’
She got even wetter at that thought.

Snoopy was wearing his Red Baron costume and Lucy
noticed that when he stood up and saw her his little
red dick came out of its sheath. She wanted to go play
with it right there, but the other kids just wouldn’t
understand a little girl getting hot for a dog.
Woodstock was standing next to Snoopy, surrounded by
several of his friends. They all looked very confused.

Finally, there were her stupid brother and his even
‘stupider’ friend. They stood there looking stupid and
singing, ‘off-key probably’ she thought. The carol
ended and everybody applauded and cheered. Then Lucy
noticed the tree. She couldn’t believe her eyes. ‘Only
Charlie Brown would get a stupid looking tree like

‘CHARLIE BROWM! YOU BLOCKHEAD!’ shouted Lucy, ‘what
kind of stupid tree is that?’ She pointed at the
sparsely needled tree in the center of the room.
‘That’s the stupidest looking tree I’ve ever seen, HA,
HA, HA,…’

Linus felt bad for his friend and walked up behind his
sister, shoved his thumb deep into the crack of her ass
and whispered, ‘Sis, quit picking on Charlie Brown
alone or I’ll tell everybody about you and Snoopy.
Anyway, he feels bad enough and besides, I helped him
pick out that tree. We felt sorry for it.’

Lucy actually liked her brother’s goosing, but didn’t
want the other kids to know that she had let Snoopy
fuck her. She turned around to face Linus and smiled at
him, whispering, ‘O.k., little brother, I’ll drop it.’

‘No,’ said Linus, ‘apologize.’

‘What?’ she nearly shouted.


Lucy turned to Charlie Brown and looked at him. He
looked ‘pathetic’. She dredged up every ounce of her
courage and said, ‘I’m sorry, Charlie Brown, I think
it’s a nice tree.’

He looked at her skeptically. She was smiling at him.
Looking past her, he saw Linus wink at him and gesture
toward Lucy with his head. Charlie Brown got his
courage up said, ‘Thanks, Lucy. You are really a lot
nicer person than I gave you credit for being. And,’ he
leaned into her and whispered, ‘you’ve got a nice
little ass, too.’

Lucy was surprised to hear such talk from him. She
glanced at his pants and saw the bulge in his crotch.
‘I’ll take care of you later, Charlie Brown,’ and she
winked at him. Charlie Brown smiled, he was pretty
proud of himself, but still a little unhappy that the
little red-haired girl wasn’t at the party. He longed
for her so much, but at least fucking Lucy would make
him forget about her…for a while.

Linus took little Sally by the hand and led her to the
middle of the room where he told the story of Christmas
and explained how the lowliest of trees was the most
precious of all. Therefore, the tree that Charlie Brown
had picked out was in the best spirit of Christmas, and
they should all be grateful to him for helping make
them aware of it.

‘And now, it’s time for the big surprise for you,
Charlie Brown,’ said Linus in his best announcer’s

‘Huh?’ Charlie Brown looked at Linus incredulously.

‘Charlie Brown, because you have made everybody so
aware of the true meaning of Christmas, we have all
helped bring you the rarest present of all.’

With that Lucy came in leading behind her…THE LITTLE
RED-HAIRED GIRL. Charlie Brown’s heart leapt into his
throat at the sight of the beautiful child. She was
naked except for a strategically placed red ribbon
which covered her bare pussy. His cock nearly jumped
out of his pants as she approached him and said, ‘Merry
Christmas, Charlie Brown. Take me, I’m yours. Take off
the ribbon.’

His heart beat wildly as he reached for the red ribbon
wrapped around her slender hips. Her little pink
nipples were hard and pointed straight out from her
otherwise flat chest. Her red hair framed her face as
she stood, smiling at him. With shaking hands he pulled
on the ribbon and it came loose, revealing the most
beautiful little bare pussy Charlie Brown had ever
seen. It’s puffy little, unformed lips ran along the
length of the slit that held her maidenhead, her
cherry, her virginity. At the top of the slit could be
seen the beginnings of a tiny clitoris. The whole thing
was set in the softest, smoothest mound covered with a
short growth of fuzz, like the skin of a peach.

Charlie Brown could restrain himself no longer. He
jabbed his tongue at the little clit and licked the
length of the slit as the little girl opened her legs
to give him access. He pushed his tongue into her
little vagina, feeling the inner folds of skin, warm
and soft, caressing his probing tongue.

She leaned over him and whispered, ‘Fuck me, Charlie

He didn’t care that the other kids were all watching in
amazement as he ripped off his shirt and pants and let
his little boy-dick flop into the open. Lucy almost
laughed when she saw it, but a look from Linus stopped
her. The red-haired girl knelt in front of him and
pulled his prick into her beautiful little, hot mouth.
He would have let her have his cum in her mouth, it
felt so incredibly delicious, but he wanted her to be
his first fuck ever. They laid down on the floor
together, the other kids looking on, some of them
slowly tuning out because of getting into their own

Charlie Brown lined up his cock with the little girl’s
cunt and pushed forward. He missed. Lucy almost laughed
again, but looked at her brother and choked it back.
The red-haired girl calmly reached down, took his
erection in her little hand and positioned the tip at
the exact entrance to her pussy-hole.

‘Now, Charlie Brown, push.’

He pushed down into the little girl and, lo and behold,
the tip of his dick slipped past her little pussy lips
and into the hole.

‘I’m in,’ he said proudly, ‘I’m fucking a girl.’

‘Not yet,’ she said, ‘you have to get it all the way
in, past my cherry.’

He pushed further into the tube as it’s walls seemed to
collapse around his cock, grasping it and preventing
further penetration. He pulled back a little and then
in again. It went in a little deeper. He tried that
again, out, then back in, out, then back in. Each time
he gained a little more penetration. Suddenly, he felt
something strike the tip of his cock.

‘My cherry,’ panted the red-haired girl, ‘push hard and
keep going.’

He pulled out an inch or so and then thrust mightily

SNAP! Everyone in the room heard it and bugged their
eyes. Her little cherry had popped and Charlie Brown
had completely buried his cock in the pussy of the girl
he loved. They all applauded and then went back to what
had been doing. Marcie was on her knees eating
Peppermint Patty’s cunt, the thing she loved to do
most, while Pigpen had buried his prick in Marcie’s
asshole. She was beginning to like that too and it was
obvious that Pigpen was loving it. The dust was
dropping off him in greater quantities than anyone had
ever seen before.

Sally had decided that piano players make good lovers
and was enjoying the feel of Schroeder’s oral
ministrations of her little twat and anus. Lucy, too
horny to worry about what the others would think, had
gone back to her favorite cock, Snoopy, and he was
obviously enjoying fucking her little mouth. Woodstock
and his friends didn’t know what to do. They left and
went ice skating on the frozen birdbath.

The little red-haired screamed a bit when she felt her
maidenhead pop, but then the good feelings began again.
She reached down and stroked her own little clitty,
bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm long before
Charlie Brown felt his balls tingle. The tingle quickly
spread throughout his loins and soon he was shooting
spurt after spurt of thick semen into the little girl’s
pussy hole. It was the best cum he had ever felt and
after he was finished he collapsed on top of her and
they both just laid there, panting.

After several minutes he pulled his sloppy little cock
from her even sloppier cunt and turned himself around,
placing his face over her crotch and his cock over her
mouth. She pulled his cum-soaked prick into her little
mouth and sucked as much of it out of him as he had
left. Then she licked the length of it and his balls,
slurping up every drop of his sperm she could find.

Charlie Brown, for his part, was slurping plenty of his
semen as it drained slowly out of her vagina. Mixed
with the plentiful girl juices she had produced, he
thought it tasted great. He pulled the lips apart so he
could see inside the little hole. He lapped at it
nothing more came from it. He finally rolled over on
his back and the two lovers just laid there, basking in
the warmth of their mutual pleasure and lust.

The other kids had stopped to watch the finale, the
cumming of Charlie Brown. Now they all gathered in a
circle around the exhausted pair. Joining hands they
looked down at Charlie Brown and the little red-haired

‘Merry Christmas to one and all,’ said Charlie Brown, a
tired smile on his round face. This was the best
Christmas ever.