Story | Mother and son are feeling very comfortable

It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon. This was the day
my son and I did all of our laundry. We were usually
sitting around in our underwear or an old t-shirt while
all our clothes were in the wash.

My son Alex and I were all that was left of our family.
His father had left us years earlier and we lost touch
with him completely.

Alex was a senior in high school. He played football
and was on the wrestling team and he had a rock solid
body. He was a very handsome young man.

We were very comfortable around each other, it was
nothing for us to walk through the house naked,
especially at night when we would run to the bathroom
or to the refrigerator for a late night snack, so we
had seen each other in the buff from time to time.

I tried not to look at him… or at least not get
caught looking at my son’s naked body, but at times it
was difficult to look away. He was certainly quite
attractive. I’ve caught him getting an eyeful of my
breasts or my neatly trimmed pussy every now and then
too, but he would quickly turn his head away. Neither
of us really thought anything of it.


Today Alex was reclining at the end of the couch in his
briefs watching the television. I was leaning against
him as I stretched out on the couch reading one of my
trashy novels. I was in a white t-shirt and panties. As
we listened to the washing machine waiting for each
cycle to end I asked Alex to give me one of his famous
backrubs. He straddled my back sitting Indian style as
he started working on my shoulders. I leaned forward as
he started working his way down my spine through the

I asked him to stop for a moment while I took off my
shirt. He didn’t seem to mind, but he must have gotten
an eyeful of my breasts as they swung a little each
time he would knead his hands into my back, because I
began to feel an erection pressing into my lower back.

The TV show he was watching was one of those “do it
yourself” woodworking programs. The man was talking
about how to pick out the right type of wood for your
hardwood floors. “Speaking of wood…” I said. I turned
around as he scooted back. He was trying to cover up,
but his erection was a little too much for his tight
briefs to conceal. I have never seen my son’s erect
cock before, but I must say it was quite impressive.

“Those drawers are a little tight aren’t they Alex?”

He shyly said, “These are one of my old pairs, all my
good one’s are in the wash.”

“Well mister, you might as well take those off, because
they aren’t helping you much, they look uncomfortable

He stood up and pulled the waistband carefully over his
erection and dropped them down to the floor.

Holy Cow! He was much larger than his father. This boy
was sporting about 11 inches! His erection was growing
and throbbing with every second! He must have been more
than a little aroused and he was pretending to be
embarrassed. There was pre-cum forming at the end. He
sat back down behind me to finish my backrub.

“Try not to stab me with that thing while you’re back
there!” I joked. I felt the head of his cock pressing
into my back from time to time. It was hot and it
throbbed with his heartbeat.

When he finished, he reclined like he had been earlier
and I laid down with my head on his thigh. I noticed
that his erection would not go away so I turned my head
so that I was looking right at it. The head was purple
and his shaft was veined and must have been as big
around as a coke bottle. His balls were the size of
oranges. “Son, you’re hung like a racehorse!”

He cleared his throat and tried to excuse himself to
his bedroom. I said, “I know what you’re going to do in
there, why don’t you let me help you out?”

“Are you sure?” Alex stammered.

“Not a problem,” I said as I reached for his huge
erection. I could not get my hand around this monster!
I’m sure he noticed that my nipples were getting hard.
My left breast was pressed into his thigh. I began
stroking him with my right hand. He began to moan and
he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. I was
becoming extremely wet. I got down on the floor between
his knees so that I could use both hands on him.

This was so exciting and forbiddingly erotic! I was
giving my own handsome son a hand job!

I increased the pace and blew lightly on the enormous
bulbous head. I loved the feel of his organ between my
fingers and it was obvious that he was about to come.
He tensed up suddenly and began shooting his semen all
over the place. The first several spurts shot up into
the air at least three feet and landed on his chest and
on the couch behind him. I had never seen anything like

“Feel better?” I asked. “Yes, much better. I can’t
believe we just did that!”

“It’s alright, I could tell you needed some attention,
you were about to burst!”

His cock softened a little in my hand but not for long.
I sat down beside him again, picked up my book and
pretended to read. In just a few minutes, he was back
at full attention. He was obviously quite proud of his
horse-sized cock.

“Mom”, he said sheepishly.

“Yes”, I replied trying to act nonchalant.

“What do you think?”

“What?” I said,

“Do you think we could you know, do it?”

“Alex!” I exclaimed. “I’ve never had sex with someone
so well hung, that thing would kill me! Besides, we’ve
got to draw the line somewhere.”

“I know mom, but my girlfriend wouldn’t do it with me
because she said I was too big.”

“Well, I don’t know,” I said, looking back down at his
cock, “You’ll have to go slow, it’s been a long time
for your old mom.”

“Old? You look great mom, you don’t look old! All my
friends think you’re hot!”

“Well you can’t tell your friends about all this!” I

“Of course not!” he giggled.

I stood up and removed my panties. I was completely
nude in front of my completely nude son, but it didn’t
feel perverted at all! I was so horny that my pussy was

“Let me get on top, I need to be able to control this,”
I said.

“O.k. with me,” said Alex.

I climbed into his lap and bent over to kiss him on the
cheek. He instinctively grabbed my hips and guided me
over his foot long dick. It seemed to be even larger
that before.

He started to breath heavily as I brushed my pussy
against the end of his shaft. I reached down to grab
him and try to guide him into his mothers’ vagina. It
looked like an impossible fit but I was determined to
give it a go.

I pressed down with all 120 pounds of myself to try to
get him in me. The head soon went into me and I could
barely breath! I began to climax. I soon loosened up
and “in he went”!

He was trying to piston into me but I told him that I
need to wait a moment. He was soon all the way in and
pressing his cock-head against my cervix. He reached up
and started nibbling on my tits. Damn that felt good!

“I feel like quite a woman,” I said to him as he sucked
on my nipples.

He started moving in and out of me again and I climaxed
three or four times in a row! Soon I was bouncing up
and down, fucking him with everything I had.

He fucked me like this for about 5 minutes. I felt him
shuddering as he began to cum. I felt his sperm
splashing into my womb. It was flowing out of my pussy
and we were a huge sticky mess! I didn’t even think
about the fact that we were having unprotected sex. It
wasn’t a dangerous time of the month so I wasn’t too

I finally collapsed and rolled back onto the couch. His
erection finally began to subside.

“That was really great, mom.”

“I’m glad I could be of service,” I panted, trying to
catch my breath.

Just then the buzzer on the dryer went off and he got
up to unload it. I grabbed my t-shirt and tried to
clean up some Alex’s cum that was all over my thighs.

We just went about the day like nothing had ever
happened. It was really weird feeling!

While I was doing the dished later that evening, Alex
walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. “I
love you mom”, “I love you too”, I said. He began
pushing his latest erection into the crack of my ass.

“Oh no, I just got out of the shower and put on clean
panties,” I said.

“But mom, it was so much fun, I could do that all day.”

“I can tell!” as he continued pushing his cock into my

We scampered off to the bedroom and were butt naked
before we got to the bed. I spread out on my back and
he mounted me missionary style. My head was swimming as
he humped my like an animal. I had two orgasms before
he came. His balls churned up such a huge load of semen
that I was overflowing. I had to get a towel to clean
myself up again.

He quickly became hard again and asked me to give him a
blowjob. I tried my best but I could barely get past
the head of that huge organ. I pumped him with my fist
as hard as I could. I thought that since he had cum
three times already that he would have a smaller
load..I was wrong about that! He came like a champ and
I couldn’t swallow all of it down. It came out the
sides of my mouth as I choked it down as fast as I
could. His cum had a nice taste to it, I didn’t mind at
all. I was really enjoying my new sex-life.

We drifted off to sleep and I awoke later that with a
fresh hard cock rubbing the back of my thigh. He got on
his knees when he noticed I was awake and pulled me up
on all fours. He stroked the head of his cock up and
down my pussy getting me nice and wet and then mounted
me doggy style. I don’t know what I had started, but he
would never let me stop. To tell the truth, I was
enjoying every minute of it.

We fucked pretty regularly for the next few days and we
never used any protection. I told him that my fertile
time was coming up in a few days and he needed to start
pulling out or using a condom. I was sure to get
pregnant with all of that semen constantly being pumped
into me. He agreed and started pulling out from time to
time. I bought him some condoms and we tried those too.
He complained about both methods. I guess I needed to
get to the doctor and get on birth control.

On the night that I had ovulated, I asked him to be
very careful. He was so sweet to me that day. He fixed
me dinner and gave me a backrub while we watched a
movie. I began rubbing his leg and he quickly responded
with a huge erection. I pulled his shorts down and
began giving him a slow hand job. He pulled me to the
floor and quickly mounted me. As he began to slowly
screw my brains out, I realized the he wasn’t wearing a

Suddenly, for some reason I wasn’t bothered a bit. He
began speeding up and slammed into me pretty hard. We
hadn’t had sex for about two days so I know he was
brewing up a huge load of cum. He pounded away for
about five minutes and asked in a panting breath, “Mom,
can I cum in you?”

I wrapped my legs around his back and answered by
pulling him deeper into me. He cut loose with a torrent
and filled me up! I almost shouted in joy as he planted
his seed in my womb. We fucked four more times that
night. I was sore and he was exhausted, but we were
both sure that I was knocked up.

Two weeks later, I missed my period. What am I going to
tell all of our friends now?

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