Story | Married Madison lusts after the contractor and goes on a mission to have him

Madison leaned on her pillow with a mischievous grin.
She squeezed her husband’s cock, surprised to find it
hard so soon after lovemaking. “So this talk of me with
another man really does turn you on,” she said. She
rolled over to fish another condom out of the bedside
drawer. When she found one, she lay on her back, parted
her legs, and smiled at Ryan as he climbed between
them. Ryan took the condom, unwrapped it, and rolled it
onto his penis.

“Yes,” he answered. “It does.” The condom in place, he
thrust himself into her, and began pumping. “I don’t
know if it’s something I really want to happen. But I
do think about it all the time. I even masturbate to
it.” Madison wrapped her arms around his neck and
coaxed him down to lay on top of her. Ryan cooperated,
and the couple lay face to face as they made love. “I
just don’t know how I’d react emotionally.”

“You know you’re all the man I need, right?”

“Of course. It’s just a fantasy. I don’t understand

“Mmmm,” sighed Madison. “I enjoy making love to you,”
she said with a kiss.

“I know you do. It’s just fun to think about.”

“It does sound fun.” Then, giggling impishly, “Like
what if he’s got a better body than you? Or a bigger
dick? Fun is right!”

“You better stop if you don’t want me to cum right
now,” Ryan said sheepishly.

Madison widened her eyes in mock surprise. “Maybe he’ll
be better in bed. Or give me multiple orgasms. Would
that do it for you?”

Ryan increased his thrusts, and tightened his fingers
around her arms as he usually did before he came.

“What if he fucks my brains out all night long, and
ruins you for me, so I never want you again? Is that
what you want?”

“Oh God,” bellowed Ryan, ramming himself into her one
last time, holding there for a few moments before he
collapsed on top of her. “Oh God, I love you so much.”
They lay panting for a few minutes before Ryan
carefully gripped the condom by its base, pulled
himself out of her, and rolled over. He lay on his side
and passionately kissed his wife as he took it off.
Madison moaned a little. She was happy her husband had
enjoyed himself so much, even if she was a little
disappointed that their second session that night went
by so quick. His pleasure was the main reason she made
love, she thought to herself.

They started cuddling, as they always did after making

“So what if it actually happened?” She asked.

“Mmm? You mean…?” he started sleepily.

“I mean me with another man. How would you react?”

“It’s just a fantasy,” he said, the words almost
swallowed by a yawn.

“Of course.”

In a few minutes, Ryan started snoring. When she was
sure he was sound asleep, she reached between her
thighs and quietly diddled herself to orgasm.


Dean owned the contracting company that was renovating
Madison and Ryan’s home. Just 35, he was confident,
with boyish good looks, and a body like Adonis. To keep
cool in the summer heat, he wore cutoff shorts and
rugged boots while he worked. No shirt. His tan torso
glistened with sweat. He was dedicated, too. Often,
while his crewmen took their long breaks, Dean would
work by himself on this or that project to speed up the
day’s progress.

Madison wanted him. She wasn’t just attracted to him.
She didn’t just have a crush on him. “Lust” was too
soft a word for what burned in her. She needed Dean in
a way she didn’t remember needing any man before. She
was committed to doing everything in her power to have

At first, she had resisted the impulse. She loved her
husband. She couldn’t see herself as an adulteress. But
as the days of the contractors’ work stretched into
weeks, Madison’s resolve wore down. Every time she
passed through his work area, ribald thoughts would
distract her from home office matters for hours.
Yesterday, he had finally picked up on her signals, and
they had begun flirting shamelessly.

She had been subtly trying to get Ryan’s permission.
She thought Ryan might even enjoy it. But she couldn’t
press the issue without giving herself away. Not worth
it. Madison decided it was easier to get forgiveness
than permission.
Dean and Madison’s flirtations continued. He started
calling her “Maddie,” a nick she hadn’t used since high
school. She liked it when he called her that. She liked
almost anything Dean did. But much as they flirted,
Dean never made a move. Madison knew if she wanted
anything to happen, she would have to take action
herself. But what if I’ve misread him? What if he’s not
interested at all? Other scary thoughts crept into her
head. What if he tells Ryan? Madison pondered the
possibility of losing the comfortable life her
husband’s income bought her.

But one Thursday morning, Madison caught sight of
Dean’s six-pack abs, and the matter was decided. Since
the contracting work would be done soon, she knew it
was now or never. Her body went on a mission.
Consequences no longer mattered.

Madison set aside her work, went to the bedroom, and
changed into a pair of kaki shorts and tank-top which
showed off her light shoulders. Now she needed an
excuse to spend some time with Dean to make her intent

Just before lunch, she went to the kitchen and made a
large pitcher of fresh lemonade. She brought it to the
work area, serving it to the workers, taking special
care to sit next to Dean, touching her legs to his. She
made small talk, and laughed a little too hard at
Dean’s jokes. Soon, all the workers wandered off for

When she realized they were finally alone, Madison bit
her lip, and searched for Dean’s eyes. He avoided her
gaze at first, not sure if he wanted to go through with
what was obviously taking place. He paused, and with a
deep breath, looked her in the eye. He caressed her
bare thigh, and smiled. Madison breathed a sigh of
relief and leaned into him. He took her in his arms,
and they kissed for a long time. When they stopped,
Madison stood up and extended her hand. Dean took it,
and followed her to the bedroom.

When they arrived, Dean sat on the edge of the bed and
pulled Madison down next to him. He leaned in to kiss
her again, and ran his fingertips up the side of her
bare leg to the edge of her shorts. Gripping them by
the hem, he gave them a brief tug, to hint where he was
going next. Then he took her tank-top in both hands
and, with Madison’s full cooperation, pulled it up over
her outstretched arms. Tossing it aside, he paused to
admire her body. He smiled when he realized that her
choice of a sexy lacy bra proved that this wasn’t as
spontaneous as it might have seemed. Madison had
planned to be seen topless today.

For her part, Madison didn’t let on that she was in a
frenzy. With her long fingernails, she combed through
the blond curls on Dean’s bare chest, trying to seem
casual. She wanted to taste him. She wanted him in her.
Her heart raced while Dean’s eyes traced the contours
of her breasts, hips, and neck. She couldn’t wait
anymore. She unbuttoned the top of Dean’s cutoffs,
cuffed her thumbs all the way into the waste-band of
his underpants, and hurriedly pulled down while Dean
lifted his ass off the bed to help.

Leaving his trousers in a heap at his feet, she grinned
a goofy grin. Dean’s cock hung between his thighs on
the edge of the bed, not quite erect. Even semi-
flaccid, it was impressive. Much bigger and better
looking than Ryan’s. Despite herself, she stared for a
moment before returning her gaze to Dean’s eyes. Dean
didn’t seem offended at the liberty she had taken.

Madison knelt beside the bed and parted Dean’s legs
with her hands. Dean’s cock throbbed and grew a little
in anticipation. She took his cock into her hand and
stroked it. She saw the metal of her wedding ring
touching the flesh of another man’s penis�and she
didn’t care. All that mattered in that moment was
Dean’s glorious cock. She kissed the head lightly,
dabbing a bit of pre-cum with her tongue, then took him
into her mouth and sucked.

Dean sighed and laughed a little. Leaning back on his
hands, he relaxed to enjoy the sensation of Madison’s
mouth. She was skillful. Little did he know she had a
mission. Not that it would have mattered to him in the
least. It wasn’t long before he was fully erect, and
aching for release. Sensing Dean’s need, Madison knew
the timing was right. She stood up between his legs,
and began unbuttoning her shorts.
Dean sat up on the edge of the bed and helped her
undress. Even though Madison could tell that his need
was urgent, she was surprised at his control. His
movements as they undressed her were hurried, but not
clumsy. After she unfastened her shorts, Dean assisted
their drop to the floor. Same with her bra.

Finally, she was completely naked. Dean stood up next
to her, embraced her, and kissed her. Madison enjoyed
the feeling of his erect penis against her bare skin.
From the way he let it linger, she guessed he enjoyed
it too. She cooperated when he used his arms to
position her bent over with her hands on the bed. She
liked it that way too.

*Now I’m going to get it!* She thought excitedly.

But he didn’t enter her right away. There was a pause.

She heard the dresser drawer behind her open, then he
said, “Madison, I didn’t bring any condoms today. Do
you have any?”

*No! What guy gets to THIS POINT and gets conscientious
about protection?*

“Um, no, I was… I just assumed you would have one,”
she fibbed. She didn’t mention the box of Trojans in
the bedside drawer.

“Look, I’m sorry, I don’t have one. I really don’t have
any diseases though, if you’re willing to trust me. And
I swear I’ll pull out.”

Madison smiled. *Oh no you won’t.*

“I guess I’ll have to trust you,” she said. *Now get
over here and FUCK ME.*

Dean smiled and resumed his position behind her. She
felt his fingers caress her labia; then she felt the
head of his cock penetrate her cunt; then the shaft,
then… oohhhhh. He was much bigger than she was used
to. It hurt just a little. It felt great a lot. Madison
fell forward on the bed and let Dean take control. Dean
grabbed her hips and gently pumped her.

Within just a few minutes, Madison was clutching the
bedspread and making squealing noises. “Oh Dean. Oh…
Dean. It feels so good. It feels too good.” Taking the
cue, Dean pumped harder, ramping up the pace until he
was ramming her. She pulled hard on the bedspread,
curled her toes, and completely lost control. “OH DEAN.
she called out as she exploded in orgasm. Dutifully,
Dean kept pumping as Madison kept calling out.

Gradually, Madison calmed down. When Dean was sure she
was satiated, he slid himself out of her, and turned
her over on her back. Then, parting her legs, he lay on
top of her and re-entered her.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred. “That was amazing,” she said,
staring into his eyes.

“Glad you liked it,” he said, resuming pumping. He
hardly noticed that Madison had wrapped her powerful
legs around his waist, and had begun using them to
modulate his thrusts. He certainly didn’t realize that
when he came, whether or not he came inside her
wouldn’t be entirely up to him, but would be at least
up to whether those legs could hold him.

Already Dean had lasted longer than Ryan normally did,
and he showed no signs of stopping. He continued for a
long time, varying the force of his penetrations and
his rhythm until Madison came twice more. Dean was
incredible in bed.

Finally, Madison sensed his orgasm building. Though
exhausted and covered with sweat, she moved her hips to
match his need. “Nnngh,” he grunted, mustering the
strength to hold off for as long as possible. Madison
grabbed his ass and pulled him in deeper. “Nnnnngg…
god,” he gasped. “Oh Maddie. Oh MADDIE!!” He grabbed
her hips, and started to push away as if to pull out of
her, but Madison remembered her mission. She wrapped
her legs as tightly as she could and pulled him in
hard. “OH GOD MADDIE OH YES,” he shouted, bucking
wildly before finally giving in. He pumped into her one
last time, then collapsed on top of her, panting.
Madison kissed salty sweat off of his chest. She
savored the wetness of his cum oozing out from between
her thighs; the musky scent of his sexuality.

Madison and Dean cuddled for several minutes before
arranging to meet for more sex that weekend at a hotel.
Dean didn’t bother to bring protection to their later
liasons either. Though Madison didn’t know it, those
liasons weren’t necessary to her mission: she and Dean
and conceived that afternoon on the bed. Even had she
known, she still would have gone to the hotel with him,
of course.

Dean’s company finished renovating their home in a few
weeks. When Dean found out Madison was pregnant, he
briefly took the posture of the noble gentleman who
wanted to father the baby. But eventually he
disappeared from Madison’s life altogether. Madison had
expected he would. Dean wasn’t the kind of guy she
could expect to land for a committed relationship.

Madison weighed whether or not to tell Ryan about Dean.
It was his fantasy, after all. But Ryan had made clear
it was just a fantasy. And with the baby on its way,
some things were better left unsaid. Instead, she let
Ryan believe that a condom had broken. Ryan trusted
Madison completely, and never suspected a thing. She
resisted the impulse to name their darling son Dean.