Sharing my wife Story

We’d been celebrating Jess’ and Jack’s baby with
rather a lot of alcohol and with Jess in hospital for
a few more days Jack had no need to be home at any
particular time. We’d known the couple since
teenagers and had done pretty much anything you could
think of together one way or another.

Anyway by now all three of us were sprawling about on
beanbags with Carole displaying so much leg due to
her wrap around skirt no longer being fully wrapped
around her, that Jack was getting a hard-on looking
at her panties. Given that he hadn’t been near pussy
for a couple of months this really wasn’t surprising
but not really fair of Carole to torture him that

“Hey Carole, you really should do something about the
view poor old Jack’s suffering there and is probably
going to jump on you in a minute and screw you!”

Carole’s response was, “He’s seen more before when we
went skinny dipping that time!”

“That’s not the point – he got to screw Jess later –
now he can’t. Tell you what, why don’t you let him
have a quickie? Jess wouldn’t mind really and I’ll
sit and watch so you won’t be carrying on behind my

Carole seemed to mull this over for a second or so
then said that she really couldn’t do that unless
Jess was OK with it and as she wasn’t here it
wouldn’t happen.

Jack had perked up at the idea and drunk as I was I
would be quite happy to watch as long as I got some
later. Jack butted in commenting that it really would
be okay as Jess always said she trusted Carole to
look after him if anything ever happened to her.
Carole thought this was stretching the point a bit
but in her state of inebriation was having trouble
making her argument sound logical.

Pointing out that poor old Jack hadn’t had any for
ages and was obviously near bursting point seemed to
have some effect although her comment was – “If you
give me a note from Jess then it’ll be okay.”
Obviously no note would appear tonight anyway but she
at least she seemed OK with the general idea so I
suggested that maybe he could jerk off on her pussy
tonight and bring a note round tomorrow – more
thought slowly circulating Carole’s brain – but “no”
apparently she didn’t trust us not to either go a bit
further or to forget the note.

Then she had an idea and flipping her skirt aside
pulled her panties off tossed them at Jack and
suggested that if he really was desperate then he was
welcome to use them and he could even see her pussy
whilst pulling himself off. I still thought a fuck
was a better idea and decided a bit of affirmative
action may help matters so pulled her over to me
pulling one leg onto my lap and the other on the
floor gave Jack a great display of cute hairless

Jack obviously was going to use her panties and
already had his cock out (not overly long but really
chunky), I think at that point Carole was thinking
she really might like to try it after all but just to
help her on her way I started kissing her and at the
same time had a hand on her pussy and was soon
fingering her.

When she’s drunk it only takes a little time to get
her aroused and I signaled to Jack to wait a little –
sure enough she was soon bucking against my finger
and now I beckoned Jack over to get his hand in as I
removed mine.

By now Carole really didn’t know (or care) who was
fingering her and it only took a few moments to get
her flat on the beanbag legs spread and panting for
more. Pulling away I let Jack climb on board although
Carole did a token protest at this point and tried
pushing him away.

I just held her arms back and watched as he reached
down grasped his cock and slid it up Carole (seeing
your wife receive another cock is a real turn on and
I knew I’d need her panties myself in a minute). Once
full in however she must have felt more than happy
with him as she immediately started to rock her
pelvis back and forth and moan about how fat he felt
in her.

“No, not like this I want to fuck properly.”

With that Carole pushed Jack away and rolled out from
under him. Sitting up she stripped off her clothes
pulling at his at the same time. In nothing flat she
was naked pert tits bouncing with her nipples hard as
rock, stretching out and flashing her pretty pink
pussy at me she took him by the cock and led him off
to the bedroom.

“It’s more comfortable there and I intend fucking you
to a standstill Jack. As for you (aimed at me) you
wait here – your idea so you can suffer, you’ve got
my panties so don’t make a mess on the beanbag”.

Jack looked at me to see if I minded, I just shrugged
and waived him on so off they disappeared into the
bedroom. I didn’t even have to lean against the door
to hear them as very soon the bed creaked and I
heard Jack breathing heavily – all was quiet for a
while then more bed creaking and shortly after Carole
started panting then soft moans interspersed with –
“Yes, just there, don’t stop, ungh, ahh, oh fuck
that’s it!” Her pants got louder culminating in,
“Oohhh YESSS!” and a squeal.

From our own love making I knew that she’d just been
well and truly eaten then had her brains fucked out.
Usually at this point she would just collapse, this
time however I heard more squeaks and creaks and some
whispers including what sounded like “No… never
done that… sure… to big… just try…”

I had no idea what this was about but was definitely
going to ask later. Meanwhile Carole’s panties were
already soaked in my cum as I’d masturbated
frantically as I heard her fucking.

Next I heard was, “Ouch! Too big just hold it there.”
Then gentler creaking, a sigh from Jack and a long
drawn out “Oohh…” from Carole, then silence.

Shortly after they came out looking pretty shattered
but more than satisfied with themselves.

Jack dragged on his clothes, and with a wink at
Carole and a promise to provide a note from Jess,
thanked us both and headed home.

I couldn’t wait to hear all about their fuck and
practically dragged Carole back into the bedroom
whipping my clothes off as we went. Well she wouldn’t
let me in her and said that she’d been screwed enough
for the night but I could pull myself off whilst she
told me all about it. This seemed better than nothing
so I agreed and she started her story.

“We got into the bedroom and I pushed him onto the
bed flat on his back. His cock was so hard it stuck
straight up just waiting to be sucked. Straddling him
I rolled his foreskin back slowly and then took the
swollen purple head of his cock into my mouth
swirling my tongue around it and gently running my
teeth up it as a bobbed up and down taking more into
my mouth each time until I was taking most of him in.
At that point I stopped moving and just gently sucked
him for a while before very slowly pulling off him,
then moving down again.

“Meanwhile I could feel him playing with my pussy
opening my lips and fingering my hole before he
started to lick me flicking his tongue in and around
my pussy then starting on my clit. You probably heard
us then seeing as he was getting me really hot and
from the way his cock was twitching he was pretty
well ready to fire.

“That was when I got up, turned round and sat on him,
you may be longer but his fat cock really filled my
pussy and I had to be careful when I started fucking
as he slipped out a couple of times and the first
time that happened I was already moving down on him
again and being so stiff I accidentally stuffed the
head of his cock into my bum!

“I did get off that quickly and I know you had to
hear it when he shot his load up me. I was pressing
down really hard on him and felt every little spurt
of hot creamy sperm as it was unloaded into me.

“That�s when he surprised me as he didn’t go down
just remained hard as rock and right up me. Pulling
me down he asked if I’d ever had anyone up my bum
before, I told him no and I didn’t think I’d like it,
he said that as I’d just had his head in there we
really should just try again, I told him that he was
too big but the he wanted to try one time. That’s
when I relented and agreed to try once – but I’d be
on top and was stopping if it hurt.

“Well, with him still stiff as a flagpole it really
only needed me to lift up move his slippery wet cock
back a little and position it on my bum, with all the
sperm he’d shot in me he was pretty wet and I was
dribbling a lot out of me so there was plenty of
lubrication. With him holding my hips he slowly
pulled me down and as I relaxed I felt a pop as he
entered me, I stopped him thee for a second then
tried to slide down a bit further but that did hurt
and I got him to stop as it felt too big.

“Anyway I’d tensed up a bit when he entered me and by
relaxing again he soon slid right up hard into me he
did this a couple of times then I felt it again a hot
pulsing shot this time right up my bum. It was a
really funny feeling not like fucking in my pussy but
still quite arousing and satisfying.”

Of course during this little story I’d been getting
hotter and hornier and despite her earlier threat of
no sex I’d been playing with her pussy as she told me
what she’d been doing.

By the time she’d finished I’d probably spread all
the sperm that had had trickled out of both holes all
over her pussy and had her so slippery and aroused
that when I rolled her onto her back and climbed on I
just slid straight up her and shot a load into this
hot wet sperm filled pussy almost immediately.