Hmailserver Review – [ Hmailserver Download Free]

Hmailserver Review and Free Download

Hmailserver Review and Free Download

This article discuss about a one of best email sever software that is called Hmailserver. Following you can get a Hmailserver Review.

hMailServer is a software which we can use as an email server for Microsoft Windows. It gives you to manage your all email yourself without any rely on an Internet service provider (ISP) to manage it. hMailServer adds flexibility and security when comparing the letting your ISP host your email.So, hMailServer gives the full control for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol protection.

Short History about hMailServer

The hMailServer Software devolopment project was started before the year 2002 by Martin Knafve. After that, it is become the most popular email servers for Windows. At the beginning, the focus of developing this software has been to create a ample and easy to use email system which includes all the basic features users need. So, This hMailServer software is free and also all the source code of this project can be retrieved from Novell’s NovellForge.

Further, Consdering the hMailServer. It provides every important functionality you required to run your own e-mail server. So, If you are a user of hMailServer, You can get regular updates and support from other users which used this software and developers of the forum of this software. And hMailServer supports the open email standards such as POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. Therefore This server has ability to work with most email clients available.

Installation & Configuration of hMailServer

It is easy to Installing and configuring hMailServer and It can done you only a few minutes. The hMailServer has an administration tool which is called hMailServer Administrator. And Therefore, It is easy to use. By using hMailServer Administrator tool you can add domains & accounts, specify settings, enabling virus scanning features and more. If you are correctly done these things. You can see a web based frontend, hMailServer WebAdmin, which can be used to configure hMailServer all parts.

hMailServer Security

when hMailServer comes to relaying and authentication, It is is pre-configured to have high security. Therefore any one can’t use your server to send spaming massages for peoples. The popular virus scanner of ClamAV supports for the hMailServer. By usng single click you can Config hMailServer to use ClamAV. So, This server supports black list servers and also other spam-stopping mechanisms likeSPF and MX lookups.

Download hMailServer (Latest Version)

Use the button given below to start downloading hMailServer instantly!



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