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Free Meta Tag Generator Tool

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What is Meta Tag?

Meta tags in the HTML webpage codes are used to describe the content of a page and It always put within the head section [ <head> Meta Tag</head> ] of the code.

What is This Tool?

Free Meta Tag Generator is the tool which generate the metatags for a page. When you use this tool, a code of HTML is generated and you have to put that code between <head> and </head> section in your web page. And This is absolutely FREE service provide by

Search Title

This is exceptionally Important for your website. And the page title is the link that will appear in search results. Therefore, it is what people click on in the search results and also it is the basic thing people see about your website search engines place significant weight on it.

Meta Description

Meta Description is somewhat important for your site. and also Many search engines use the meta description in their search results. Good meta description tags can help increase your site CTR.

Meta Keywords

This is not important in SEO at present. because, It is not used by most search engines Therefore it is highly susceptible to spam and users never see it.