FLATBOOTS – phpBB 3.2 High-Performance Forum [Free Download ]

Free Download FLATBOOTS phpBB 3.2 High-Performance Forum

Free Download FLATBOOTS phpBB 3.2 High-Performance Forum

Flatboots is the best theme for your phpBB forums to the next level. It has unique and powerful features such as it is easy to use, cutting edge, simply the best and the most flexible phpBB3 theme around the block.This theme designed with the modularity and extensibility. Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversion.Flatboots has a whopping 98% in performance grade.


Features of Flatboots Theme

SEO PowerHouse -: This FLATBOOTS theme has been built using the modern semantic HTML5 markup including WAI-ARIA roles, allowing search engines to distinguish clearly where your main content starts and ends.

Modular Swap-in or out -: This theme has a well designed modular system that lets you swap in and out add-ons and components. Never overloads your phpBB forum, use what you need and when you need it

SMART Loader -:  This FLATBOOTS theme loads all the fundamental resources asynchronously and in parallel. This guarantees all your JavaScript and CSS files and never stuck in the browser’s queue. BlazingFast and always above the cloud..

A++ Coded -: Carefully Coded by hand in small batches with organic editors 100% pesticides free assures you get a clean well-structured code where you can easily pick things up. No Washing required.

Bootstrap Powered -: FLATBOOTS theme is the only style in the phpBB market section that has been written from the ground up with the bootstrap css framework. Don’t be fooled by poorly coded copycats.

Smart colors -: Text, Labels, badges and background flat colors palette which includes both of bold and muted tones. You can add your favorite flat color class to any element and you are good to go.


Download Flatboots Theme (Latest)

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